Thursday, July 17, 2008

BushCorp: History Repeated...History Deleted...

After watching wholesale lots of the Bush administration’s most important e-mails go mysteriously missing, Congress is trying to legislate against any further damage to history. The secrecy-obsessed White House is, of course, threatening a veto — one more effort to deny Americans their rightful access to the TRUTH about how their leaders govern or misgovern.

The House approved a measure last week that would require the National Archives to issue stronger standards for preserving e-mails and to aggressively inspect whether an administration is in compliance. The Archives needs spine stiffening. Congressional investigators found that its staff backed off from inspections of e-mail storage after the Bush administration took office.

We fear we may never find out all that has gone missing in this administration, although we urge Congressional investigators to keep trying. What we do know is that the Bush gaps of missing e-mails run into hundreds of thousands during some of the most sensitive political moments. Key gaps coincide with the lead-up to the Iraq war — and the White House’s manipulation of intelligence — as well as the destruction of videotapes of C.I.A. interrogations and the outing of the C.I.A. operative Valerie Plame Wilson.

Missing e-mails include entire blank days at the offices of President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Also mysteriously wiped from the record are e-mails from Karl Rove, the president’s political guru, and dozens of other White House workers who improperly conducted government business on Republican Party e-mail accounts. The White House now claims that nothing has been lost, though officials previously acknowledged large-scale purging, claiming they were accidental.

An administration with nothing to fear from the truth would be in the forefront of protecting the historical record. The Senate must stand with the House and ensure that at least future administrations are stopped from doing wholesale damage to history.

New York Times Editorial, ("History Deleted At The Whitehouse,"7.13.2008, Image: Artist Unknown: George Washington, Anti-Censorship Group,, 2008).

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bibi said...

Bush and his ilk do not want people to know the agenda of their so called New World Order,& Illuminati! 911 was an excuse to; 1)wreak the U.S. economy,thru colossal wastage of funds in pursuit of 'terrorists', 2)have a reason to eventually b able to declare a state of emmergency! 3)mass detention. These people av a motto which is 'OUT OF CHAOS COMES ORDER' They seem to be succeeding with the recently won court ruling that gives the president of the US absolute power to arrest and detain anyone indefinitely. Have u never wondered what roughly 600 FEMA camps in d US are meant for? It's to hold those that would not bow to the wishes of d NWO GOVT. Open ur eyes Americans, this is the end time, the 'king' at the Vatican did not come to meet GW Bush for coffee!